(816) 373-8600

(816) 373-8600

At NWC, inc. we offer a wide range of services centered on your needs. We use the highest grade of materials to ensure that your roof will be both physically and structurally sound. We have a full staff service department for those who need repair work and 24 hour emergency services.

We install most types of roofing and purchase our products from several quality suppliers and manufacturers. We will help you in selecting exactly the right materials for your roofing installation.

Your job site will be tidied each day and thoroughly cleaned at the completion of the job. We strive to leave each roofing job site looking better than ever.

The job site is inspected each day for quality and safety. The final product is inspected and approved by the homeowner and a roofing specialist before receiving a final bill.

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Proper Attic Ventilation

 Many people underestimate the importance of ventilation in their attic, when in fact, it is the most important part of roofing. Proper ventilation will remove heat and moisture from the attic, extend the life of your roof, reduce outside problems, and save your energy costs. Problems with improper attic ventilation include: Ice dames, sumps between rafters and other structural damage, mold, fungi and spores, mildew, and rust from moisture.

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